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Therapies for Body & Soul.

View of When the Spirit and Soul Enter the Body.

Real Kahuna Therapies

Photo of a moment in time and merging of the soul.

Link to Life and Meaning of Rhythm of Life.

To many people are suffering with depression, Anxiety and even suicidal thouoghts. Too many are following through with suicide.

I want to bring you life that supports meaning and fulfillment here on earth. Do not wait for the afterlife to get redemption and a place in heaven. We have the capacity to live fulfilling and meaningful life here and now.

Example of healing session; In this video we talk about healing of a leg that was run over by bobcat.

At this point I wish to include Steve Jobs and the fact that he planned every aspect of his funeral, including the gifts he prepared for the attendees. Many people see him as successful in bringing Apple back from brink of disaster. There is much more to this man. I only model successful people whether they be business or spiritual. There has to be integrity and collaboration and cooperation amongst people for there to be success in any type of relationship.

 Intimacy session with a lady; details in this video. 

Healing pain -